JQuery Plugin Development Tips

JQuery Plugin Development Tips

Make Sure Your Plugin Naming is Unique – All naming conventions in your plugin, including it’s name, class and id’s should be as unique as possible to avoid conflicts with other CSS and JavaScript code and more important other jQuery functions.

Keep Your Code Separated – Avoid as much as possible mixing your CSS and JavaScript code. You never know what a developer may want to modify, so it’s best to keep these things in their respective files.

Please NO Hard Coding – This is the most frustrating thing to come across in any plugin you use. Continue reading JQuery Plugin Development Tips

Ns0 – 510, Understand Ncie – Backup & Recovery Essentials

NS0-510, NCIE-Backup & Recovery Implementation Engineer Exam will help you in creating the most of your knowledge and skill by learning the exam topics and gaining the experience that has been set by the vendor, the exam is formulated in such a way that the applicants get to choose the right sources for studying and know the topics that will help hem immensely n their career. There are test centers in which the test is delivered and thus the applicants will be validated on the basis of the solutions, if the applicants is able to pass the exam, then that individual will have the credentials for which the exam is taken, however if you fail, you can retake the exam by reviewing the exam retake policy.

NS0-510, NCIE-Backup & Recovery Implementation Engineer Exam main topics are to Set up and manage LUNs, Set up and manage clusters/High Availability/Epsilon, Manage and troubleshoot SAN performance, Configure and manage iSCSI components, Configure, administer and troubleshoot CIFS, Configure, administer and troubleshoot NFS, Set up and maintain Snapshot copies, Configure, administer and troubleshoot SnapMirror, Configure SnapVault, Configure Remote Support Agent (RSA), Configure and administer aggregates of differing sizes and disk types, Understand significance of Vserver-aware tape backup, Understand underlying LIF structure and benefits, Describe Infinite Volumes, Describe Virtual Storage Tier, Describe pNFS 4.1 pathing and support, Describe Single-node and Two-node configurations and Identify new transition tools.

NS0-510, NCIE-Backup & Recovery Implementation Engineer Exam is very important for the professionals that are held responsible for installing and maintaining the device, professionals need to learn about many important things during the learning process, these includes the general knowledge of: NetApp storage systems such as Switch, Power, Host, Applications, also learning about the task of Collect reduplication, backup and Host configuration – ALUA configuration , zoning configuration and iSCSI configuration. Continue reading Ns0 – 510, Understand Ncie – Backup & Recovery Essentials

Game Programming

Game Programming

To be sure, game programming is one of the more difficult parts of programming. The reason for this is that modern games have become increasingly complex. Graphics and physics take up most of the system requirements and need lots of non-programming competence in order to make a successful game.

Games are generally written in languages such as C++ which provide a good balance between speed and power. C++ offers lots of tools for programmers such as classes and the standard library for the language, but it’s also relatively low level, allowing it to run without very much overhead. Continue reading Game Programming

220 – 802: Comptia A+ Certification Exam Basic Objectives

220 - 802: Comptia A+ Certification Exam  Basic Objectives

If you are looking for a career in IT, then you is starting point should be the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam which is also denoted by the exam code 220-802 Preparation. It acts as a tool to enhance your credibility in the field of IT by suggesting that you are aware of the basic details associated with maintaining devices that range from personal computers to mobile devices and laptops, printers and operating systems.

The CompTIA A+ 220-802 Certification Exam is essential for technical jobs related to some of the giants in the industry including Dell, Lenovo and Intel. Continue reading 220 – 802: Comptia A+ Certification Exam Basic Objectives

Qualify For Nse4,certification Program

The professionals these days are required to own the right IT certification. This is because only certified IT professionals are recognized in the industry. Choosing the top NSE4 IT Certification is indeed a great assistance for any professional who aims to become well-respected individuals.

Fortinet Network Security Expert4 Written Exam (400) is an impressive certification that is designed for network security professional. This is an ideal certification that can aid professional aim the right ticket to success. Continue reading Qualify For Nse4,certification Program

Hp2 – B106, HP Web Jetadmin Printer Fleet Management Knowledge

There are several professionals in the information technology world that have got the skills to develop and learn about new things that are present for them to project on in various areas of expertise, the applicants who register in the certification exam for the sake of learning gets very important tools to earn their title of being the professional with.

HP2-B106, HP Web Jetadmin Printer Fleet Management – Technical exam is based on online certification which will be granted to the pass outs, exam relates to the topics that are given to the applicants for the purpose of using the Jetadmin which is a category of printer that has been designed for the applicants by HP. Continue reading Hp2 – B106, HP Web Jetadmin Printer Fleet Management Knowledge

Programming in C++

Programming in C++

C++ is a programming language that was developed as an extension to C. The main features that were added were object-oriented programming tools and the enlargement of the standard library. Today, C++ is used in a variety of applications. Although it has been somewhat supplanted on Windows desktops by.NET programming, it remains useful for some applications, such as game programming.

One important feature is the STL, or Standard Template Library. Continue reading Programming in C++